XSPlatforms XSP-RH Hoist Line

The completely redesigned hoist from XSPlatforms is based on proven technology that has demonstrated its quality and reliability over the years. In the past, the hoist was used in self-hoisting gondolas, were it was appreciated for its quiet operation, durability, flat design, low maintenance costs and relatively low self-weight. Now that it's available as a separate hoist, it offers even more advantages.


The hoist was specially redesigned to make everday work easier. It is also much friendlier for your steel cables than any other hoist on the market: the hoist is built into a robust drivable steeel frame that protects the hoist from damage even when mistreated or misused. Easy to transport, easy to hoist, easy to handle: the XSP-RH hoist!

The hoist is available in a 500kg (1000lbs) and an 800kg (1500lbs) version, with 230 V and 400 V motors (single and multiphase).

Some advantages of our in-frame hoist:

  • The steel frame protects the hoist from damage when mistreated or misused.
  • The unit is easy to transport. The hoist frame is easy to lift by sticking a scaffolding pole through the frame, or it can be driven around with a scafold pole inserted at the front side of the frame.
  • Easy and simple to apply a protective cover.
  • Stackable, with a frame size of 40cm x 40cm (15,75 x 15.75 in)
  • Everything integrated in one unit, which makes assembly easy, fast and straightforward.
  • Proven durability: the need for maintenance is very low, but in the event of maintenance or a malfunction every part is easy to reach and to replace.
  • The design makes jamming steel cables a thing of the past.
  • In the event of a malfunction, it is possible to replace the unit, even at height.
  • The hoist unit is equipped with an counter for operational hours.

Safety features integrated in the hoist:

  • Over-speed safety device
  • Broken and slack cable safety device
  • High applied load safety device
  • Top limit and over top-limit switch
  • In case of a power failure, mechanical override allows descent and a hand wheel facilitates ascent.

Integrated safety features in the central control box:

  • Anti-tilt device
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Signals when overload is detected.