XSPlatforms Hoist Unit

A big differentiating feature is the hoist suspension unit, in which the hoist and fall protection unit are safely and securely contained in a lockable box. This design means the electrical components are protected against bad weather, leading to a longer life and less maintenance.

The hoist is available in 500 kg (1100 lb) and 800 kg (1700 lb) in 230 V and 400 V versions with a fall protection unit integrated in the hoist unit. The XSPlatforms hoist is one of the most user-friendly and maintenance-friendly hoists on the market today. The most striking feature is the flat design and silent operation of the motor.

In this design, the hoist unit is in one piec. It lso acts as a suspension frame that can be used as end-stirrup and walk-through stirrup. This makes mounting the unit very easy, and keeps mistakes down to a minimum.

The suspension beam of the hoist unit is adjustable for different heights, which saves storage space and offers maximum working space in use. The unit is fitted with large wheels and a handle for easy moving in the warehouse and on site - doing away whit the need to physical carry hoists!