XSPlatforms Foldable Modular Platform

The modular system consists of easy-to-fold units of 2 m, 1 m and 0.5 m (6, 3 and 1.5 ft). These modules are interconnectable up to a total length of 16 m (48ft) in the standard configurations. Maximum rated working loads of 1200kg are possible with configurations that have 800kg hoists.

These robustly designed foldable units integrate the floor, side frames and guard rails, which reduces five separate parts to a single assembly. It can be folded up after use thanks to an integrated hinge in the aluminium profile. Only minimal space is required for transportation and storage.

The modules are connected by connecting frames that do not require the use of tools. Our experience is that separate (detachable) pins or other small connecting parts make rapid assembly of a platform difficult. With our platforms, the connecting pins are integrated in the connecting frames.

A complete suspended platform of 12 m has only 13 parts, which makes assembly quick and easy. In addition, the connecting pins are integrated in the connecting frames.

The guard-rail post is the key part. It locks the connection when you place the guard-rail in the right position.

The smart, patented design of the aluminium extrusions integrates a number of functionalities. Such accessories as wall rollers and castors can be mounted with a simple hand movement. If desired, advertising banners can be slid into the module.

There is also a rail for a tool holder, plus several slots for standard bolt heads so that accessories can be easily attached to the platform.

The connection frame's guard-rail post has standard scaffold tube dimensions, so a standard scaffold coupler can easily be fixed to the platform to link up with scaffolding materials.

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