Roof top Safety Barriers

Rooftop Safety Guardrails

To reduce risk taken by people working on a roof is to select and use the right rooftop safety equipment. For contractors and engineers accessing flat roofs to carry out essential building, repair and maintenance work, safety guardrailing afforded by collective roof edge protection system can make a major contribution to minimising danger. The collective system that is selected must meet the highest safety standards. Allenkey Fittings rooftop guardrail systems are fully tested and meet or exceeds current rooftop safety requirements. Not all free standing roof edge protection systems offer this level of security of rooftop areas


Roof Edge Fall Protection

AllenkeyGuard is a modular, free standing roof edge railing system that does not penetrate the roof membrane. view »

XTP-Guardrails are made of aluminium, which fully protects them against the elements and the risk of corrosion and gives them an extremely long lifespan. view Fall Protection/XTP-Guardrail page »