Fall Protection

Personal Fall Protection - Meeting all safety standards

Working at heights involves risks on a daily basis. Activities vary in nature, surroundings, location and duration, but the risks are similar. Several situations demand specific solutions which ensure safe working at heights. Fall protection from Allenkey Fittings ensures personal safety and complies with legislation.

Working in a safe manner is vitally important. That is why Allenkey Fittings offers solutions to all parties involved : roofers, construction companies, project developers, owners and managers of buildings, companies in general. Our solutions are always custom-made :  horizontal or vertical, permanent or mobile.


Safety Life Line Solutions

XTS-Impact anchor points can be combined with XTS-Linked safety lines allowing optimal freedom of movement while working at heights. view »

Intelligent reaction mechanism absorbs energy and flexes in the direction of the fall. view »

The user is connected to the XTS-Linked with our easy to attach XTS-Slider and can move along the steel cable system without performing additional actions.

The 360 rotating safety eye provides maximum freedom of movement while working at heights. view »

AllenKey Anchor
A modular mobile anchor fall prevention system, for use with Safety life lines.