• Intelligent reaction mechanism absorbs energy and flexes in the direction of the fall
  • Easy to replace after a fall, minimizing roof damage and maintaining the roof's watertightness
  • Certified use as standalone anchor with mobile lifeline and in steel wire systems
  • The anchor is simple to install on hollow-core prefab concrete, solid concrete, wood or steel roofs
  • The anchor is fitted directly onto the existing roofing material without any structural adaptations or added building costs
  • Can be installed directly on top of various kinds of roof sheeting and profiles
  • Installation is four or five times faster than for conventional anchors (two people can install 25 - 50 a day), the roof remains waterproof and fewer anchors are needed
  • Can be inspected at any time (either visually or by a tensile test) without activating the anchor
  • The intelligent reaction mechanism allows reinstallation after activation without damaging the roof or replacing the base plate
XTS-Impact - Installation of the Anchor

XTS-Impact - Testing

XTS-Impact on roof


XTS-Impact offers the same safety guarantees as traditional anchorage systems : the system is CE-approved and complies with all relevant safety standards. Its unique, integrated fall-indicator allows visual inspection of the anchorage points.


Installing an XTS-Impact anchorage point takes just a few minutes. Drilling one hole suffices for firm, waterproof installation of the anchor. After a fall, the anchor can easily be replaced by detaching it from the base plate.

No damage to the roof

XTS-Impact anchor points can be installed and replaced without any damage to the roof. In the case of a fall, the energy will be absorbed by the integrated shock absorber. The residual impact is so slight that even steel deck or wooden roofs are not damaged and remain fully waterproof.


XTS-Impact anchor points can be combined with the XTS-Linked system allowing optimal freedom of movement while working at heights. Thanks to the quick and simple installation method, it is perfectly suited to short activities, such as inspection, cleaning or small-scale repair work.