AllenkeyGuard™ is a freestanding non-penetrative roof edge protection system for unrestrained roofs up to 5° slope


  • Ensuring the safety of employees working on or gaining access via a flat roof is imperative and a legal requirement for employers.
  • The counterbalance system is a proven method for roof edge protection and provides reliable safety without the need for a fixed penetrative guardrail.
  • The use of the AllenkeyGuard™ Non-Penetrative Roof Edge Protection System assists contractors and employers to meet the needs of Health & Safety laws and regulations.
  • The system when correctly installed to the manufacturer’s guidelines conforms to EN14122 Part 3 and EN13374:2004 regarding guard rails. It is designed and tested to be used as both permanent and temporary safety edge protection and can be easily uninstalled and relocated as required.
  • AllenkeyGuard™ is designed to be combined with standard EN10255 tube.
  • The system can be installed by non-specialist workers without the need for specialist skills such as welding or bending of tube.
  • The AllenkeyGuard™ system uses a counterbalance weight made from 100% recycled rubber (Patent pending), connected to
    a freestanding metal base by either a 1.0m or 1.2m length of 1½" nominal bore tube (48.3mm OD).
  • The base supports a 1.1m high 1½” nominal bore (48.3mm OD) upright which is connected to the 1½” nominal bore (48.3mm OD) cross rails by two cradle fi ttings.
  • The AllenkeyGuard™ rubber weight (Patent Pending) is manufactured in Ireland on behalf of Allenkey Fittings Limited. Allenkey Fittings Limited is a wholly Irish owned company registered in Ireland.
  • AllenkeyGuard™ system uses Allenkey fittings made to BS EN1562:1997 and are galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 specifi cation.

AllenkeyGuard™ has been fully tested and is approved for three different BASIC options

STANDARD Max post centres 2400mm with a 1500mm counterweight on every post.
The Standard System conforms as both a permanent and temporary unrestrained system.

ECONOMY Max post centres 2000mm with a 1500mm counterweight on every other post
The Economy System conforms as a temporary unrestrained system.

RESTRICTED Max post centres 2000mm with a 1000mm counterweight on every post.
The Restricted System conforms as a temporary unrestrained system.