maximum safety, minimal impact
Our guardrails are available in three designs : straight, curved or collapsible. The curved design provides extra fall-protection (by keeping people further away from the edge of the roof). The guardrails’ elegant design contributes to the buildings architectural value.

XTP Guardrail

  • The ideal solution for people who regularly work on a roof.
  • Easy installation : two persons can install 200-300 metres per day.
  • The XTP-Guardrail system is maintenance-free, patented and certified to NEN-EN 13374.
  • The guardrails are free-standing and can be installed without drilling a single hole. This reduces the risk of leakage or damp intrusion to a minimum.
  • XSPlatforms' guardrails stand out for their elegant design, high-quality materials and the possibility of reducing their visibility.
  • The straight and curved guardrails are also available in a foldable version.
  • The XTP-Guardrail products are manufactured of high-quality aluminium and concrete.
  • The main components simply click into place without the use of tools.
XTS-Impact - Installation of the Anchor

XTS-Impact - Testing

Guardrail systems provide collective safety, irrespective of how many people are at work on a roof. XTP-Guardrail provides permanent safety. The guardrails of XSPlatforms are certified and maintenance-free, requiring no periodic inspections.

Easy to install
Installing the XTP-Guardrail system could not be easier and takes only little time. The main components simply click into place, without the use of tools. The free-standing guardrails do not need to be fixed to the roof : the long base, supported by concrete counterweights, ensures perfect stability.

Guardrails are visible, so extra attention to design is vital if they are not to spoil the building’s architectural value. XTP-Guardrail stands out for its elegant design and its high-quality materials. The designer can minimize the visibility of the system.

XSPlatforms guardrails are made of high-quality aluminium, which protects them against the elements and against corrosion. They are sturdy and have an extremely long lifespan.