XSPlatforms Roof Cars

XSPlatforms is constantly developing new and advanced building maintenance units. We deliver a number of roof car types (RC-T101, RC-T103, RC-T104), telescopic machines (RC-T107) and specials designs. Roof cars can be configured for different building heights and reaches, and be provided with different gondola sizes.

Roof cars

Roof Cars

It used to be almost unthinkable to have a roof car on top of an architectural buiding. However, roof cars allow cleaning, maintenance and replacement activities to be carried out on facades safely and easily. XSPlatforms has developed three standard model lines. The basic difference between them is their maximum reach and track gauge.

Maximum reach of 3 m, maximum installed height of 120 m.

Maximum reach of 3 m, undercarriage with 3 wheels (optionally 4 wheels), 1 driven wheel and a track gauge of 1 m.
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Maximum reach of 6 m, undercarriage with 4 wheels, 2 driven wheels and a track gauge of up to 1.5 m.
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Minimum reach of 6 m, undercarriage with 4 wheels, 2 or more driven wheels and a track gauge of up to 2.5 m.
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Telescopic machines

Telescopic Machines

Roof cars with a telescopic jib and (if necessary) a telescopic base. Built to be relatively compact when not in use. Reaches normally starting at 10 m up to customer requirements. Roof cars of this type can be placed centrally on the building in fixed positions, or with a self powered undercarriage can travel along a track line.

Customised Roof Cars & Telescopic Machines
Specials are built in many different variations - from a customised, almost standard roof car right up to machines that are way beyond the standard roof cars. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.


RC-T104 Climbing Machine



Traversing Davit

Telecopic Roof Car Video

Innovation in roof car & gondola control

XSPlatforms uses HMI - PLCs for machines that require more accurate control and diagnostic possibilities. The PLC can provide at any moment an accurate view of the movement that the roof car and gondola make. Next to a control unit that is far more accurate, diagnostic possibilities and the control systems for faults are up to the job in hand. In addition to this far more accurate control, the PLC has diagnostic possibilities and can check systems for faults.

Radiographic control of the roof car

The advantages of radiographic control in roof cars are obvious. Normally we use a control cable for the connection between the roof car; however, at height above 60 m we have to use special conductor cables. These cables are more expensive and their installation is labour intensive. The ability to install a roof car radiographic control in our gondolas provides cost benefits at the moment of purchase and for years to come in service and maintenance.

Radiographic control of the roof car

When XSPlatforms innovates, they ensure that ergonomics and easy usage go hand in hand. The newly designed gondola from XSPlatforms is different from any other gondola on the market today, in that ergonomics and weather conditions are fully taken into account. The gondola is a major step forwards for the user of our installations. It provides a spacious working place at height and is easy to operate. At height, weather conditions can be serious adverse (hot midday sun, lashing rain, howling winds). XSPlatforms new gondola better protects the user against such conditions, making it possible to use the installation on days when it would otherwise be impossible to do so.